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Nearly every fourth patient with a psychiatric disorder does not tolerate or sufficiently respond to standard pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. This directly leads to an impaired quality of life, significant morbidity and mortality, as well as high socioeconomic costs. The proposed consortium reacts to this unsatisfactory situation by establishing the German Center for Brain Stimulation (GCBS) aiming at developing novel treatment and health care strategies for psychiatric disorders. This endeavor is based on strong preclinical and clinical evidence supporting the notion that brain stimulation (BS) techniques, i.e. non-invasive and invasive BS are therapeutically effective in various common psychiatric disorders. However, the absence of coordinated interdisciplinary and translational research in this field has hampered the transition of experimental BS procedures into safe and effective therapeuticstrategies for therapeutic application.                                                


The GCBS is part of the Forschungsnetzwerk für psychische Erkrankungen (www.fzpe.de)